Palm Tree Clinic



Psychiatric disorders are often a misunderstood area of medicine. And this often leaves patients feeling isolated and confused about their symptoms, their diagnosis and the consequent management. 

At Palm Tree Clinic, we consider all contributing factors that can possibly lead to illness. 

We therefore approach illness under the following 3 categories: 

  • Biological factors 
  • Psychological factors 
  • Social factors 

We believe that effective management of psychiatric disorders NEEDS to incorporate an integrated approach of all 3 categories within each individual patient. Biological management of psychiatric disorders is done under the care of our specialist psychiatrists. 

Chemical imbalances that occur within the brain and the body as a result of “stress” can negatively impact an individual’s functioning (behaviorally, emotionally, cognitively and physically). Correcting the underlying chemical imbalances could incorporate the use of specific medications for particular disorders. Correct treatment of underlying chemical imbalances not only allows individuals to regain a ‘sense of control’ over their functioning and achieve stabilisation; but will also allow patients to then more easily focus and address the other 2 etiological causes of psychiatric illness (psychological and social factors). 

At Palm Tree Clinic, our psychiatrists put special emphasis on not only managing the psychiatric illness, but also the emotional distress and sense of isolation that is associated with “deterioration from optimal functioning” that is often experienced by our patients. Psycho-education is an integral part of our management programme. This allows us to walk alongside our patients on their journey to recovery, and to empower their own internal resiliency to understand and manage their illness effortlessly.