Palm Tree Clinic


In- Patient Group Counselling

As part of the services included in our in-patient programme at the Palm Tree Clinic, patients will be required to join the mandatory group counselling sessions that take place daily. An interactive three-week program has been designed by the multi-disciplinary team at the clinic and covers a variety of topics integral to the learning / growth process that is encouraged and facilitated during the patients’ stay at the clinic. 

During the first week of the programme, patients will learn about their destructive ego states through Ego State Therapy and will start to become aware of the destructive cycles taking place in their lives through Systems Theory / Eco-Systemic Therapy. 

In their second week, patients will discuss the different masks that they have worn throughout their lives and will enjoy working in teams, assisting each other to create their own symbolic masks through interactive Art Therapy. The week ends off with an in-depth self-assessment exercise which assists the patients in gaining deeper self-knowledge by exploring their personal values, beliefs, motives, personality, self-concept, achievements, roles, skills, needs, goals and priorities.

The final week of the group-therapy programme focuses on equipping the patients with the skills necessary for re-integration into their families, work environment and social contexts. Through CBT-focused therapy, patients will work through any major unresolved issues and will set realistic, attainable goals for going home.