Burdened Inner Child

Burdened inner child
You sit on my shoulders pulling me down
Still promising possibility which I tend to doubt
Whispering to catch my breath to listen to hear
Blowing winds of change
Hissing air exhaled
Burning inside fledging flames…..Fanon
Burdened Inner child you rest a world torn head on my breast
Racing my heart to engulfing expectation
Trust a golden string that joins your spirit to my core
You are in my aching heart in my blood in my care even if I try to ignore your voice
Innocence you wiled away my peace
No longer can I lie in blessed oblivion
Knowing is benediction bowed by bonds
Bearing offers light a chance to speak stand up and to show
To embrace challenges that pull you down
Star stuck I am compelled to stand to walk to respond to resume responsibility
I am forced to be a dream dealer living in the now trading daily in hope
Forgiveness letting go set me free

Propels me on leaden legs to march with fidelity and new found inner strength
Amongst the dark and daring I do not crumble I stand firm
I walk the walk I talk the walk I endure stormy seas
Summonsed by you to face my shadow

You quiet my pounding heart tear stained eyes with breathless smiles
Giving hope and trust …….living in the now
I am living I am alive ……..filled with gratitude and love
My Burdened inner child I love and embrace you with an emphatic ear
You shine the way ……….
I hold you tight you take on the stormy seas with dedication commitment
And staying power
You are my soul mate ……..

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5th September 2018

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